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There is nothing more exhilarating than snowboarding down a crispy white slope on a sunny day. But you need to take lessons from a seasoned professional to stay safe on the slopes, and to get the most out of your snowboarding experience.
Even though snowboarding is relatively new to the world of winter sports, it has had a whirlwind and colorful history. It was invented by an engineer named Sherman Poppen on Christmas Day, 1965 in Muskegan, Michigan; his wife called it snow surfing, or snurfing.

Since then, snowboarding has grown to become a Winter Olympics event in 1998, and the fastest growing sport in the U.S. in 2000. Today, snowboarders comprise 30% of ski resort revenues, and snowboard fever has taken over much of the world. The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) regulates the sport, and ranks professional competitors from all over the globe.


Niseko snowboarding lessons

Do I Need to Take Snowboarding Lessons?
Absolutely! Mastering this fast-growing and thrilling sport is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. In other words, having the right attitude is most of the battle. A few snowboarding lessons with the right instructor (you have to click with them) will give you all the confidence you need to conquer the slopes. First of all, proper instruction includes a lot of attention to equipment choice and how to lace up for action. Starting off on the right foot will serve you well for the rest of your life. There are some basic maneuvers that you must learn correctly, such as turning and mounting a ski lift. Getting snowboarding lessons in Niseko from a courteous and knowledgeable instructor is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of snowboarding. Safety first, and then fun, fun, fun.

Is Snowboarding Dangerous?
Yes, and no. It's much less dangerous than skiing, but more dangerous than walking. If a snowboarder is well outfitted and well trained, he or she has nothing to worry about. No kidding, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that skiing accidents outnumber snowboarding accidents by a wide margin. Snowboarding is now a safe and popular sport that more and more families are enjoying together.

Make no mistake, there are initial growing pains, more accurately described as falling pains. You will fall off the board, you will topple when one foot gets loose, and you will end up using your torso as your brakes...when you first begin snowboarding. But a great instructor will teach how to fall, and how to prepare for your first snowboarding lessons. No matter how hard-headed you are, you must wear a helmet when you snowboard, on all outings and under all conditions. An approved helmet keeps your noggin protected and warm at the same time.

Basic snowboarding instruction will show you how to size and choose the right helmet; common sense demands that you also wear waterproof pants, knee pads, and hip pads when you first learn the sport. If you refuse to wear the recommended wrist guards, you've never felt the sting of frozen snow on the inside of your wrists.

The main reason to seek out an instructor you feel comfortable with is personal safety. Most snowboarding accidents happen because participants lose control of the board, and maintaining control is the most important lesson of Snowboarding 101. If you want to take on the challenging black diamond runs with confidence, take professional lessons from a reputable school.
Should I Take Private Snowboarding Lessons?

Snowboarding is so popular that you have your choice of the type of snowboarding lessons that suits your personality and your budget. There are group lessons, private lessons, children's lessons, teen lessons, adult beginner lessons, and even snowboarding lessons just to help you link your turns. Here are some of the many snowboarding lessons available in Niseko:

Adult Beginner Snowboarding Lessons in Niseko
Master the basics and get your feet wet with a snowboarding class for beginners. You will appreciate the group support and communal spirit. There is nothing to be embarrassed about because you'll be matched with a group of snowboarders at the same level as you. Sometimes, large classes are taught by multiple instructors, and you can get to know them if you decide on private lessons.

Private Snowboarding Lessons in Niseko
Very often, the top instructors are reserved for private snowboarding lessons only, and sometimes a private lesson instructor can help you skip lift lines, explore private parts of the mountain, and make your snowboarding experience a blast. Private lessons are available for kids, adults, families and even seniors.

Teen Snowboarding Lessons in Niseko
Snowboarding takes more skill than skateboarding, and it’s much more exhilarating, so it’s no wonder teenagers love it. An accomplished instructor can explain all about snowboarding hero Shaun King, and why experienced snowboarders avoid showboating and showing off, in favor of confident maneuvers and jaw-dropping skills.

Advanced Snowboarding Lessons in Niseko
Introductory snowboarding lessons teach you how to fall; intermediate lessons teach you how not to fall; and advanced snowboarding lessons teach you how to maneuver around fallen beginner and intermediate snowboarders. As your level of instruction rises, so does your level of confidence.

You can, of course, combine different types of instruction as you advance in the sport. For example, try a few group lessons to start, then opt for private instruction in the maneuvers that need the most work. In any case, rejoice in your ability to pick and choose among the finest instructors and trails in the world, because it wasn't always so.

Did you know that snowboarding was considered a fringe sport in the 60s and 70s, and that boarders were banned from ski resorts until the early 1980s? Snowboarders were viewed as young upstarts on a dangerous kick, and resorts valued their older, wealthier skiers. After a Vermont mountain resort in the U.S. opened its slopes to boarders, the sport took off like a shot. Nowadays, many resorts cater to snowboarding enthusiasts of all ages, and Niseko is nestled among the picture-perfect slopes of Mt. Niseko-Annupuri, one of the premiere destination resorts for snowboarders. The pros at Propeak can teach you how to ski or snowboard in Niseko at a pace that's right for you.

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